About Us
About Bingham Flexo Services

Bingham Flexo Services was started in 1991 by Ed and John Bingham.  The
company started very modestly with the expectation that the knowledge Ed and
John had acquired through their extensive experience in the Flexographic
printing industry (from operating presses, selling ink to selling anilox rolls) would
be beneficial and sought after by other professionals in the industry that wished
to use Ed and John's expertise to improve their operations.  

Currently, Bingham Flexo Services is based in Batavia, Illinois in offices located
within the mid-western manufacturing division of Pamarco Global Graphics.  We
have four outside and three inside technical sales representatives with a
combined total of well over 100+ years experience in the Flexographic industry.  
Our outside sales people are strategically located in Chicago and Cincinnati.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to service you and to provide technical
assistance.  We can help you by troubleshooting printing and coating problems,
performing anilox roller audits, assisting with roller sleeve and doctor blade
specifications, banded anilox roller testing and by training your personnel on
proper use, care and cleaning techniques.

We service the Mid-west region of the United States, including, Illinois, Indiana,
Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, North
Dakota, South Dakota, Western Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

John Bingham - President                               
Cell Phone: (630) 235-4835
Territory:  Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota

Mike Poppen - Technical Sales                        
Cell Phone: (630) 235-4833
Territory: Michigan, Northern Indiana,
Northern Illinois

Shane Weber - Technical Sales                        
Cell Phone: (630) 235-4836
Territory: Southern Indiana, Ohio,
Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania

Brian Reichardt - Technical Sales
Cell Phone: (630) 506-2885
Territory: Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska,
Kansas, Missouri, Southern Illinois
Bingham  Flexo Services, Inc.
                                       Specialists In Flexography