Products & Services
Products and Services

At Bingham Flexo Services we have developed our knowledge of printing and
coating applications by years of hands on education and by  representing quality

Anilox, glue rollers and related products serviced by
Pamarco Global Graphics.

Sleeves and related products for printing and coating applications manufactured
Inometa Flexo Systems.

Graymills pumps and filtration systems.

Rubber covered rollers manufactured by
Menges Roller.

Polyurethane covered rollers manufactured by National Roll Kote.

Steel, composite and plastic
Doctor Blades.

MicroClean anilox cleaning systems.

R.G. Egan central impression drum and cast extrusion roll cleaning systems.

Gears, plate cylinders and air mandrels.

Anilox roll covers

Liqui-Fax liquid anilox roller volume kits

Anilox and metering system use and care seminars

Banded anilox selection and testing.
Bingham  Flexo Services, Inc.
                                      Specialists In Flexography
                   Convenient SHIPPING LABELS:

 Pamarco, Batavia, IL          Pamarco, Atlanta, GA     
Pamarco, LaPalma, CA       Pamarco, Roselle, NJ                         
Armotek, Palmyra, NJ      
Menges Roller          National Roll Kote