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Score Line Environments:

Due to faster press speeds and reverse wash up cycles there is a higher
possibility for anilox score lines to develop.  Pamarco has developed
procedures to help minimize score lines.  This includes machine diamond film
polishing after the engraving process.  This process reduces the maximum
achievable volume at any individual linescreen.  The score line environment
engraving information is a good general guide to maximum recommended
volumes used in these applications.
Calculating coat weights:

In order for us to pinpoint the volume that will best fit your application, we need
the following information.
Direct transfer or offset

Desired coating weight (dry) in pounds.

Percent solids

Weight per gallon in pounds
Use our Coat Weight Calculation program to estimate the volume you require.  For
help in determining which of our mechanical engraving tools would best fit your
volume and application needs, please contact your
technical sales representative.

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